Getting Started: Desktop Ticketing Setup Guide 🎥

Getting Started: Desktop Ticketing Setup Guide 🎥

Fast-Weigh Desktop Ticketing Application

Initial Setup Guide

After downloading Fast-Weigh Ticketing from the Windows Store, open the application.
The  Settings menu is the first screen you will land on.

Step 1: GENERAL 

  • Under the General tab, enter your Customer ID and Customer PIN.
    • To get your Customer ID and PIN, contact us at or call 865-219-2980 during business hours.
  • Your Scalehouse ID and PIN can be found on the Web Portal by going to Devices.
  • Display Name: Here, you should enter the full name of your company, quarry, mine, etc. Then enter your Display Phone and Display Address. All of these fields will be printed on your tickets.


  • On the Reports tab, click the Update from Portal button to load default ticket formats into the program.

Step 3: TICKET

  • Move to the Ticket tab and set your starting ticket number in the First/Next Ticket Number box by clicking Change.
    • Each scale device location should have its own ticket sequence to prevent similar ticket numbers.
      Example: Location 1 should start at ticket # 1000000. Location 2 should start at ticket # 2000000, etc.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and choose a ticket format from the Ticket Report drop-down menu.


Step 5: Sync your app

  • Click the sync button to sync the app with the Web Portal. This will pull all of your Orders, Trucks, Customers, and other data from the cloud.
  • If Haulers, Trucks, Orders, Customers, and Products are frequently being added or edited on the Web Portal by members of your team, it is important to sync the ticketing app often so it can receive this information.
  • If the app fails to sync or an error pops up:
    • Check to make sure the PC or other device is connected to the internet. If internet is present and the app still won't sync, contact TAC Insight Support.
    • NOTE: You can continue to ticket on the app even if it is not connected to the internet and won't sync. All data will be stored locally on the device until internet is restored.

Step 6: Start Ticketing

  • View our ticketing training video to get familiar with the ticketing screen

Using the Ticketing Screen on the Fast-Weigh Desktop Application

Click here for more Fast-Weigh training videos

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