Information for setting up the new Fast-Weigh Application

Sync Configs

To begin setting up your new Fast-Weigh application you will first need to create a Sync Config. Think of this as your new "Devices" page, as this is where you will set up what kind of device will be used and at which location. There are new components to setting up your Sync Config(Devices) and that will be outlined below.

New Sync Config

  • Type - Set what kind of device is going to be utilized. Defaults to Scale House.

  • Name: Set the name of device. Ex. Knoxville Scale house

  • Locations: Set the location of the device

  • Barcode Formats: I'm not too sure what this is used for at the moment

  • Ticket Break: Important for multi-location ticketing

  • Target Server Version: Set server version, will generally always be the most up-to-date server version

  • Target UI Version: Set UI version, will generally always be the most up-to-date UI version

  • Target Kiosk Server Version: Set Kiosk server version, will generally always be the most up-to-date kiosk server version

  • Active: Ensure this is checked so that you can utilize the created Sync Config

Once you click "Update" you should see your newly created Sync Config in the table. This will now allow you to download the appropriate version of the new application, as well as create Lanes to be used when ticketing. Your table will populate an API Key that you will need to utilize when logging into the new application as well.

We recommend setting up your Lanes before installing the application


Once the Sync Config has been created the table should appear like the one above, and you should be able to click the magnifying glass in the Lanes column to be able create your Lanes.

Clicking the magnifying glass will open up the Lane Setup window, then click "+ New Lane to create your Lane.

New Lane

Here you will fill out the relevant information for the Lane you would like to create.

  • Location: The location the lane will be utilized, which is limited by the location set when setting up your Sync Config.

  • Name: An appropriate name for the Lane. Ex. Knoxville Outbound Scale

  • Ticket Report: This is the Ticket Format your tickets will print on, this was originally set in the Ticketing App

  • Tare Report: This is the Tare Ticket Format you will print if you are taring trucks as they enter the yard

  • Allow Manual Weight: Enable this to be able to enter weights manually, this was enabled or disabled within the Ticketing App previously

  • Manual Weight Unit: Set the weight unit for when entering weights manually, can be either Pounds or Tons

Once you click "Update" you have finished setting up your Sync Config and Lane, and you are now ready to download and install the new application.

Downloading New Application

Now that some of the initial setup is complete, you should download the new application from within the Sync Configs screen in the Web Portal.

Once you click the download button you should be able to run the installer by checking your downloads in your web browser:

Or you can run the installer from your system files by navigating to Downloads:

New App Installation Selections

First select a language:

Next go through the Setup Wizard. When prompted to "Open Port on Firewall" select Yes.

We recommend selecting Yes unless you have strict network security policies. This setting can be changed later if you select No.

Next you will enter your Sync Config Key. Copy and past the API Key that was created when you finished setting you up your Sync Config.

After entering your Sync Config Key/API Key in you will be asked to select the UI Mode your device will be using.

You are able to select between Ticket, Kiosk, or Both.

  • Ticketing: Used when utilizing the Desktop Ticketing App on a scale house computer.

  • Kiosk: This is for a kiosk that would have normally been utilizing Driver Kiosk Mode or for one of the Teguar Kiosks.

  • Both: This will allow the device to be utilized as both the Ticketing app and the Kiosk mode

Finally, you will be asked to create desktop icons.

We recommend select Yes to mitigate any potential confusion, and this icon will serve as the replacement for the legacy Ticketing App icon.

Once you click Next after the Desktop Icon screen you will begin your installation of the new Fast-Weigh Ticketing App. You will be prompted to click Finish once this installation is complete.

The new app icon looks just like the old app icon, but you will notice that it is an internet shortcut. This will open a window or tab in your web browser where you will be ticketing now, as well as have more visibility on other items you would normally interface with in the Web Portal.

Once you have clicked the icon and it has opened a window or tab in your web browser you will be able to Log In.

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