Tutorials Overview

This section of our Knowledge Base is dedicated to new users of our software. Our tutorials will show users the basics of how our software is used without overwhelming them with information.

What is Fast-Weigh?

Fast-Weigh is cloud-based ticketing software, built to make your aggregate operation faster, simpler, and more efficient than ever. Our goal is simple: less stress, and more time to focus on your business. That means no expensive IT infrastructure, total access to your production data, and a modern, user-friendly system that will change the way you think about material sales.

Platform Overview:

Centralized Web Portal

With our cloud-based system, your ticketing data will never be stuck in the scale house again. View, edit, and analyze ticket data from all locations. Enjoy total operations management from anywhere, on any device.

Key Features:

  • Ticket Management

  • Order & Customer Management

  • Products & Pricing Matrix

  • Multi-Tier Location Support

  • Unlimited Users

  • In-Depth Reporting

Desktop Ticketing App

Our Windows 10/11 ticketing application was designed from the ground up to streamline daily scale house operations and communicate directly with our web portal. All data is immediately backed up to the cloud, ensuring no ticket ever goes unaccounted for.

Key Features:

  • Backed by the Cloud

  • Offline-Capable

  • Hardware Accessories

  • Multi-Scale Support

  • Highly Customizable

Add on Modules

  • Billing & Invoicing

  • Inventory

  • Analytics

  • Hauler Pay

  • Quotes

  • Dispatching

  • Load-Out

  • Mobile Applications


Fast-Weigh may refer to records differently than your previous system. This list may help you become familiar with our terminology.

Customer: Purchaser of your Products

Region: The highest Level of the Location Hierarchy. Regions contain Locations. Regions can be used to segregate by proximity or by billing entity.

Location: Middle Level of the Location Hierarchy. Typically refers to a Quarry/Pit. Locations contain Yards. Locations are also the level at which global products can be assigned.

Yard: Lowest Level of the Location hierarchy. Yards can be used to segregate activity at a location. A yard is created automatically when you create a location but more can be added if needed.

Product: Material being sold

Hauler: Carrier/Owner of Trucks

Truck: Vehicle belonging to a Hauler

Order: Combines Customer and Product to create a Job that can be ticketed. Orders are region specific but can contain products from multiple locations as long as they are in the same region

Ticket: Receipt of Sale/BOL/Weigh Slip/Tag

Batch: Group of Invoices. You may hear the billing process be referred to as Batching. This is simply the process of searching for tickets and assigning them a Batch #.

Report: Document generated by Fast-Weigh that displays data for easier interpretation. Our report building software is also used to create Ticket Templates, Invoices, Statements and E-Tickets.

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