Fast-Weigh has a 3-tier operating location structure: Regions, Locations, and Yards. This allows flexibility for organizations of all sizes to manage their production. You may have as many or as few of each structure as you need to properly reflect your organizations needs.


This is the highest level of your organization. Generally, these are related to a primary or branch office, but can be used to segregate your area of operations between states or cities. Once a Region has been created, highlighting it again will show any active Locations in this table.

Any information necessary to your organization should be entered as accurate as possible.

  • Name: The name of the selected region.

  • Description: A brief description of the region.

  • AR/AP Cost Center: Available from your accounting software.

  • ERP/Accounting Code: Available from your accounting software.

  • Remit Name: The name displayed on your invoice emails.

  • Address Information: The address listed in your invoice remit emails.

  • Phone: The primary contact number for this region.

  • Email: The primary contact email for this region.

  • Remit Note: Any information needed to convey in an invoice email, such as payment instructions.

  • Quote Note: Any information needed to convey in a quote, such as further inquiry instructions.

  • Email From: The email address that will display for the intended recipient.

  • Email Reply To Addresses: Emails that will be redirected to when a customer replies.

Remit Name and Address will display on your invoices. If you have multiple avenues for your customers, this should be the primary billing or payment information. Other information should be noted in the Remit Note field.


Once a region is created, you will need to create a Location, which are the quarry or pit locations operating within a given region. Locations are tied to ticketing devices, so you will need to set up one for each device. Please email us at support@tacinsight.com or call 865-219-2980 during business hours to purchase any additional licenses. Once created, highlighting a Location will show any active associated Yards.

The only information needed here is the Name field. While the others are optional it is best to enter as much information as possible.


These will be the various quarries or pits within a Location. You can create one or many Yards to organize your materials, but keep in mind each Yard will require product pricing to be setup.

Again, the only needed information is a Name for the Yard, but it is best to enter as much information as needed by your organization. When creating a yard, you also have the option of selected a geo-location by selecting one after clicking the [Map]. This will autopopulate the lat/long fields.

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