Generating Reports

Getting the most out of Fast-Weigh with the Reporting Module

Navigate to Reporting > Reports - New Tab

Category: Our reports are grouped into several categories such as Tickets, Billing, and Audit

Report: Selecting a category changes the reports shown in this list

After Selecting a Report Click the "Load" Button:

The Parameter Panel will appear on the right side of your screen:

In this example, we are looking at the "Product Usage" Report in the "Tickets" category, the parameters shown will vary by report. We have set the Date range for September but we have not selected our locations so we will see this error if we run the report:

Any Parameter that starts with "*" is a required field so do not leave it blank.

You can select individual, Regions Locations and Yards or just click the select all button for the parameter:

Click Refresh at the top of the Report Parameters to view the report:

We can add a grouping to this report in the Report Parameters:

Select Customer and Click Refresh to run the report again to see the data grouped by Customer record:

The Navigation Bar above the report offers some time-saving features:

The Page Number buttons allow you to jump to the Next/Previous or Last/First pages

The Cloud Icon allows you to export the Report in a variety of different file formats such as PDF, CSV, and EXLS.

You can also print the report or email it directly from the reports module:

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