Ticket Entry

Detailed information on the Ticket Entry tab of the Tickets Module.

The Ticket Entry tab is a useful tool that can be utilized to enter tickets quickly. An example that would lead to the use of this tab would be if the scale house had to write paper tickets for a day or a portion of the day.

There are two sections to this screen. On the left is where you will enter the details of the ticket needing to be entered into the Fast Weigh database, and on the right is where the tickets will be stored until you are ready to save them to the database.

Ticket Entry in the Web Portal

Job, Phase, Cost Type, and PO Number are fields you may or may not use on your tickets. These are not required to successfully enter a ticket.

The UDF fields above can be set up in Portal Settings, and are not required.

The ticket detail information will remain filled out with all the previously entered information except Ticket # and Net Units. This is so that you may enter multiple tickets for the same customer quickly.

Ticket Table in Ticket Entry

Once you have added your tickets to the table you have a few options. You can either Edit, Delete, or Save the tickets in the table.

If you are certain you need to delete the ticket you can click OK and the ticket will be removed from the Ticket Entry Table.

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