Logging In

After downloading your application and setting up your lane, you will need to login to the new application using the User ID and Password used to to log in to the Fast-Weigh Web Portal.

Since the new application is browser based, you will not see the application available on the taskbar. However, you will see the it as a task in the system tray.

On your first login, you will be prompted with a welcome message and directed to the User Settings page to set your local PIN.

User Settings

In the User Settings, you have the option of setting your PIN/Password. This allows you to login quicker to the Fast-Weigh application without using a two-factor authentication option, as well as allowing offline use.

Server Settings

The Server Settings allow you to assign and manage devices for each lane, apply server and application updates, update your available reports, and manage your current ticket numbers between lanes.

Syncing and Updating Your App

If you do not see the information you are expecting after clicking the Last Sync icon, clicking Full Sync will update information from the Web Portal.

To update your app, click the "Check for updates" icon. This will check the Fast-Weigh server for updated versions. It is best practice to ensure that your target version is set correctly in the Web Portal, and keep your application up to date to reflect any changes, patches, and bug fixes. When an update is available, there will be an additional icon to apply the latest update after checking. There will also be a notification in the left menu under the Fast-Weigh logo, informing you of an available update.

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