Server Settings

Provides a full breakdown of the Server Settings page.

The Server Settings allow configuration between your locations, the current ticket count for each scale location, and the devices connected to them, from one menu.

Manage Lanes

After setting up the Sync Config with the needed Lanes, you can manage the associated devices in the app.

  • Region: The assigned Region.

  • Location: The assigned Location.

  • Lane: The related Lane.

The following Device types are available to be configured between Lanes. The devices will need to be added to Fast-Weigh at the bottom section of the Server Settings before they can be applied to each lane.

Assigned Devices

  • Scale: The scale used for this lane.

  • Camera: The primary camera used to monitor this lane.

  • Light: The associated light for this lane.

  • Auto ID: Used to identify the LRP camera or RFID reader associated with this lane.

  • Available Printers: The available printers that can be used with Fast-Weigh. This information is made available by the printers recognized or installed on your operating system.

  • Ticket Printer: The printer that tickets will print from for this lane.

  • Cash Printer: The printer used for cash sales for this lane.

Manage Ticket Numbers

When using multiple lanes between regions, locations, and yards, you have the ability to set the ticket sequences between lanes. Having visibility between lanes allows for easy application to avoid crossover or duplication.

Manage Devices

The manage devices section also the addition of multiple device types for your lanes. Individual cameras, scales, printers, and more will need to be added here before they can be applied to lanes. Clicking the +Add Device button, which will provide a new popup window, allowing you to select a device type. For a full review of adding and managing devices, please view this article.

After selecting the device, you will enter the information for the related device, and then click the Add button. See below for an example for adding and testing an IP Camera.

Devices can easily be sorted by searching for a specific device or by clicking the column names, as well as tested from this section.

After your devices have been added, you can assign them to each lane as needed.

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