Balance Dashboard

Reviewing Your Outstand Balances

The Balance Dashboard page allows you to review your outstanding invoices, check your Customers' Credit Standings, and navigate directly to the New Payments screen.

Across the top of the screen, you will see a complete overview of all of your outstanding invoices, organized by the number of days since the Invoice Date.

This page will also show a table of all Customers with Open Invoices, along with an option to drill down into the details of an Invoice. The customer view for this screen has a [Payment] button available if they are enabled for Self-Pay.

The table below the balance header displays the customer selected, or all customers if none are selected, and the following information:

  • Terms: The billing terms set for this customer.

  • Credit Limit: The credit limit applied for this customer.

  • Invoices: The amount of invoices available for the customer.

  • Balance Due: The total balance due from the invoices.

  • Overdue Balance: The total balance due after the Due Date has been surpassed.

  • Credit Standing: Provides a snapshot of the customers credit status

  • Credit Status: The status set on the customer under Resources>Customer.

The Credit Standing button will only show when a Credit Limit has been set for a Customer.

Clicking on the Credit Standing button will bring a new window detailing the current credit status of the Customer—including any tickets that have not yet been invoiced.


There are a few options when selecting statements, which will allow you to print all available statements (which will provide .PDFs), sending all statements to the contact emails, or allow for individual statements to be viewed.

Print All Statements will provide all statements as a .PDF. Depending on the selection, you can select only statements that do not have an associated email address. This allows you to print a physical copy of the invoice to be sent via traditional mail.

Send All Statements will send all statements to the associated email. There is no prompt for this action to select specific emails. You will need to ensure that the customer has a requested email or other contact listed for invoices in their Resources>Customer profile.

Statement will allow you to view an individual statement from the highlighted customer line. This information is the same information listed in the table when clicking the arrow to the left of the Customer.

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