Product Categories

Product categories are useful if your company has a large number of products that need to be organized by type. Categories can be used to separate reports to show broader sales comparisons.

Setting Up New Product Categories

Page Overview and Columns

The Product Categories page provides a place to add and manage created categories. These act as a container for products to be added to, and allow for easier adjustments to be made when selecting prices for products. This information is specific to your organization and allows for flexibility when creating categories that make sense for you.

To create a new Product Category:

  • Navigate to Resources > Product Categories.

  • Click the [+New Product Category] button.

  • Create a short Code and Description to define the Category

  • Add a GL Sales Account, if your accounting system supports GL.

  • Click [✓Update] box when completed.

Adding & Managing Products

Your Products will be what you are actually ticketing for when creating an Order. You can create an unlimited number of Products and assign them to your Locations as needed.

To start you will need to create a product and assign its location by clicking the [+New Product] button.

After the product is created, you will need to associate it with a location. This can be a single location or multiple locations. If a location does not display when selecting clicking the [+Add Location], you will need to create the location.

To edit a product, search for either the product description or product ID, highlight the product, then click the pencil icon. This will allow the product information originally entered to be adjusted.

Pricing Templates

The Pricing Templates menu allows you to create a listing that can be edited on the Product Pricing menu. Templates allow you to assign structured pricing to you orders and are determined by your organizations needs. A default template can also be set, allowing you to select default pricing for orders with this template.

Product Pricing

The Proposed Price is an optional tool to "stage" a price change. You can enter in a new price before enacting a price update that can be applied to the Current Price in bulk later on.

Once prices have been created, or proposed, you can select to create or apply that pricing.

The Create Propose Pricing button allows a blanket pricing or surcharge percentage or fixed value update for the products selected.

The Apply Proposed Pricing pushes the Proposed Pricing column entered in the table.

Open Order Pricing Update

The Open Order Pricing Update is a powerful tool used to apply a pricing update to all orders currently marked "Open" in the Orders tab. This option is restricted to Admin users only and cannot be undone once applied. To ensure that this is done correctly, selected the intended Region, Location, and Customer. The pricing set in the table will be applied to all orders that contain these products if no customer is selected.

Please note that any unbilled tickets from any open order will have their prices updated as well.

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