Can Fast-Weigh do inbound ticketing?

Absolutely! Fast-Weigh is capable of Outbound Ticketing and Inbound Ticketing. The Direction (Outbound/Inbound) is dictated at the order level.

In the Web Portal, Navigate to Orders > Orders and Edit an Order

The Direction drop-down menu allows you to select whether the order is inbound or outbound. Be sure to click save after making any changes to the order.

How does inbound ticketing change the ticketing workflow?

When an order is set to inbound, it essentially reverses the order of operations in the ticketing app.

  1. The truck arrives at a location full of material

  2. The truck pulls onto the scale

  3. The scale operator saves the gross weight (prompted by the ticketing app)

  4. The truck leaves the scale and dumps the material

  5. The truck returns to the scale, empty

  6. The scale operator captures the tare weight and prints the ticket

If the setting "Use Tare on Inbound Orders" is enabled the scale operator the scale operator can print the ticket during step 3 and the truck will not be required to return to the scale after dumping.

Does it work with unattended kiosks?

Yes! The ticketing app in Kiosk mode supports inbound ticketing. The kiosk will prompt the driver to "Save Gross" instead of printing the ticket when using an inbound order.

If the setting "Use Tare on Inbound Orders" is enabled the driver will print the ticket immediately using the saved tare weight

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