Related Accounts

When using Related Accounts, you must have active logins between each account. If you are not the primary Admin for the additional account, you will need to have your User ID setup in each tenant user list before adding it to the Related Accounts.

Page Overview

Columns and Filters

Under the User icon, select Related Accounts. This menu contains the option to add and manage other accounts related to your organization. At the bottom of the list, you will see your currently logged in user.

The page displays all current available user accounts between your organizations with the following information:

  • User ID: The ID associated with the tenant/account.

  • Tenant ID: The organization ID.

  • Name: The users name.

  • Email: The users email.

In larger organizations, you may have many different sub accounts to manage. Using the filter icon on each header will allow you to narrow down your accounts by entering keywords, such as the Tenant ID or email. Smaller organizations may only have one or two additional accounts available, so this step is not necessary for each account switch.

Adding a New User

To add a new related account, click the +Add Related Account button. You will see the following window:

Entering the User ID and Password for the account you wish to associate will auto-populate the Tenant ID and email.

Switching Users

In the above image, we now have a second account available. Simply clicking the ->| Switch To button allows us to instantly change our Fast-Weigh Web Portal to view the associated account. Be aware you that you will be brought to the Home page of the Web Portal for the new tenant.

Prior to making changes or adjustments in the Web Portal, it is best to check your current view or tenant by clicking the User icon, then noting the Tenant ID in parentheses beside your User ID. To switch back, you will select Related Accounts, and click the associated ->|Switch To for the intended account.

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