The Salesperson feature can be used to tie your salespeople to their orders and customers within the Web Portal. Once you setup your salespeople, you can easily assign them to Customers, Quotes, and Orders, as well as view reports based on your Salespeople.

Assigning a Salesperson

Once your Salespeople have been added into the Web Portal, you can select them from a drop down menu on your Customers, Orders, and Quotes.

Assigning to a Customer

If you have a Customer that always goes through a certain Salesperson, you can set a default Salesperson on their Customer profile.

  • Navigate to Resources > Customers.

  • Edit and existing Customer or create a new Customer.

  • Select the Salesperson from the drop down menu.

  • Click Update to save to record.

Assigning to an Order

If you set a default Salesperson for a customer, they will be automatically loaded in to an Order or Quote when you assign the Customer. This can be overwritten if needed, and you can always set a Salesperson on an Order or Quote without a default.

  • Navigate to Orders > Orders.

  • Edit and existing Order or create a new Order.

  • Select the Salesperson from the drop down menu.

  • Click Save or Save and Close.

Assigning to a Quote

  • Navigate to Quotes > Quotes.

  • Edit and existing Quote or create a new Quote.

  • Set the Salesperson for the Quote.

  • Click Save or Save and Close.

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