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With the Fast-Weigh AR & Payments module, you can handle invoice payments directly through the Fast-Weigh Web Portal via Cash, Credit, or ACH. Streamline your material sales and payment collection process. Fast-Weigh AR & Payments offers low-cost processing rates with no hidden fees and allows you to deposit funds in the bank of your choice.


To pay an outstanding invoice, navigate to the New Payment page from Billing / AR > New Payment or from the Payment button on the Balance Dashboard page.

From the table on the Balance Dashboard screen, you can click the Payment button next to any Customer to apply a payment for that Customer. If selecting New Payment from the main menu at the top of the page, you will need to choose a Customer manually.


The first screen you will see on the New Payments page will display any open invoices for the selected Customer that have not yet been paid.

After the desired invoices are selected, you will see the payment menu refresh with the collected invoice totals. You will select the payment method and adjust the Payment Amount Total if necessary. In some cases, a customer may request an overpayment to be applied to their customer credit balance, which will reflect that amount associated in the field.

The Payment Date is the date the payment was made and will default to the current date.

The Reference Number will be available for Cash and Check payments and can be used to add in a reference number for your records.

The Payment Note is for any extra information that needs to be recorded with the payment.

When selecting the Payment Method for Card, you will have a new "Pay To" option added to select the payment processors. For assistance with the payment processors and terminals, please contact the Fast-Weigh support team.

  • Cash: The Customer is paying in Cash, no extra action is needed in the Web Portal.

  • Check: The Customer is paying via Check, no extra action is needed in the Web Portal.

  • Card: The Customer is paying via Credit Card. When you click Create Payment you will be prompted to enter their Credit Card information to process the payment.

  • ACH: The Customer is paying via ACH. When you click Create Payment you will be prompted to enter their ACH information to process the payment.


The tickets menu displays "loose" cash tickets that have yet to be paid. Selecting these tickets will allow you to group selected tickets to be paid for the desired customer, then create and distribute the invoice to the contacts available. This does not create a batch - you will not find the tickets under New Billing.

The information differs from the invoices in that it contains the ticket information such as products and orders. After determining the correct tickets, select the desired tickets bu clicking the checkboxes to the left of the ticket number. The right of the cash ticket table will automatically calculate the Invoice Amount Total, and the Invoice Date will default to the current date.

When selecting tickets to invoice and then distribute, a contact may not be available for the selected customer. First clicking the [Configure] will display the available contacts, then by clicking the [Edit Contacts] button another can be added. Once the tickets for the Cash Invoice are selected and the Invoice Date is set, click Create Invoice to add the Cash Invoice to the Invoices tab. Once the Cash Invoice has been added, you can then submit a payment for the Customer.

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