Mobile Ticketing App

Mobile Ticketing Setup

When you Open the app for the first time, you will be prompted to select Ticket mode, POD mode, or Haul mode. For Mobile Ticketing, select the Ticketing mode.

Logging In

  • Customer ID and Customer PIN - To get your Customer ID and PIN, contact us at or call 865-219-2980 during business hours.

  • Device ID and PIN - These can be found on the Web Portal by going to Devices > Mobile.

  • Operator Name - The name of the person operating the App

  • Click on the back arrow to go to the main Dispatching screen.

  • Sync the app to ensure all of your Settings have been entered correctly.

  • Click on the settings button to finish configuring the app.


  • Lock Settings - Turn this on to lock the Mobile App settings behind a password (this will be the Device Pin)

  • Font Size - You can set a smaller or larger font size for the app here.

  • Use Multi Mode - You can turn this on to allow switching between the Ticket, POD, and Dispatching modes.

  • Ticket+POD - Turn this on to add a quick-switch button between Ticketing and POD modes.

  • Require GPS - Require GPS to be turned on to record the location of the ticket.

  • Real Time Ticket Upload - Turn on to upload all new Tickets to the Web Portal as they are created.

    • Note: If you are ticketing without an internet connection and syncing up later, make sure that this setting is off.

  • Use Picture (Ticket) - Turn on to allow capturing a photo when creating a ticket.

  • Use Signature - Turn on to use a digital signature when creating a ticket.

  • Entered Weight Is - Set to capture a Net weight or Gross weight when entering the ticket.

  • Measuring Units - Set the type of units used (imperial or metric).

  • Unit of Measure - Set the unit used

  • Retain Ticket for (Days) - How long the system locally saves ticket data

    • We recommend not exceeding 7 days, since more data can impact the speed of the system by using excess memory.

  • Phase/Cost Type Update - Adds Phase and Cost Type fields to the ticketing screen.

  • Allow Expired License/Insurance - Turn off to prevent ticketing a truck if their License or Insurance is expired and needs to be updated.

  • Print Ticket - (must be on to print) Turn on if you are using a mobile printer.

    • Note: Mobile printing is only supported with Air Print enabled printers for iPhone.

    • Advanced Printing - Turn this on to configure your mobile printer to automatically print a ticket.

      • Printer Type - Set the brand of printer you are using: Zebra, Star Micronics, or Rongta

      • Search for Bluetooth Printer - Use the blue button to search for your Bluetooth printer and save it in the app settings

      • Print PDF - Turn this on to configure the size of the printed ticket.

      • Printer DPI - Set the dots-per-inch for the printer.

      • Print Width - Set the width of the printing area.

      • Note: Click on the "i" icon to see suggested defaults by printer type.

    • Number of Copies - This sets the default number of copies of the ticket to print

  • Ticket Mode - Set to Create for creating new Fast-Weigh tickets from scratch. Set to Receive for recording tickets from outside sources.

  • Turn Around Time - This sets a limit on how quickly tickets can be created in succession.

  • Calculate Truck Time - Turn on to calculate how many hours a truck has hauled on an order if a product uses the Hours Unit of Measure (based on first and last load times).

  • Use Requests - Enable this setting to tie a ticket to a Request.

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