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The table on the main screen shows the following:

  • Name: The title of the import.

  • Type: The file type of the import, either CSV or Fixed.

  • Time Zone: The time zone the tickets were created.

  • Header: If the imported file contains a Header.

Adding a New Format

Clicking on the +New Format button will provide a new window to manually assign the column values for the expected imported file. Matching with the main menu, the information requested in this field is:

  • Format Name: The name of the file import.

  • Format Type: The format file type, either CSV or Fixed.

  • Time Zone: The time zone the tickets were created.

  • Header Row: If the file being imported contains a header row.

  • Column: The matching columns of the import to Fast-Weigh.

The Column entry will take the most work to import the file. The ticket file being imported must match the columns expected with the entry field. The information that is required is noted with a ZERO in the entry field. This information must be included from the following fields:

  • Ticket

  • Date

  • Order

  • Product

  • Truck

  • Net

In the above example, we have information present in columns 1-12, then again in column 15. Although the information is available, only the following information is required:

  • Ticket - Column 1

  • Date - Column 2

  • Order - Column 4

  • Product - Column 5

  • Truck - Column 6

  • Net - Column 10

The created format will now allow you to Import Tickets into Fast-Weigh from an external system.

Editing an Existing Format

If you need to import tickets after a format is created, and the information is mostly the same, you can edit an existing format instead of creating a brand new one and adjust the expected column location.

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