How to Track Inventory

Enable Inventory Tracking on Products

  1. Navigate to "Resources" > "Products" > "Products & Pricing"

  1. Select the product in the Product Listing table, then click the [✎] button on the Location in the Product Locations table

  1. Check the Track Inventory box

Setting Initial Inventory Quantity

  1. Navigate to "Inventory" > "Inventory"

  1. Select the Region and Location that your product is in and hit [Refresh]

  1. Select the product and click the [+New] button

  1. Set the Entry Type as "Set Inventory", enter a Date and Quantity

  1. Click [✔Update]

Tracking Inventory

Fast-Weigh will automatically track any ticketed Inbound and Outbound orders for these products.

The lower table will show the Outgoing and Incoming amounts as well as the number of tickets.

Manual Adjustments - Receiving Inventory

Products that are supplied to your locations by other vendors, freight, or rail and are not ticketed via Fast-Weigh will need to be applied by a Manual Adjustment called Receiving. This can be done the same as setting the initial quantity. If you are you are adjusting the Current Inventory without an incoming amount, skip to the next section.

  1. Search or Select the product from the main table, and then click the [+New] button in the lower table.

  2. In the New Adjustment window, select the Receiving option in the Entry Type drop down, enter the quantity and adjust the date as necessary.

  3. (Optional)Enter any necessary information helpful to identify the incoming amount, such as an external ticket or where the product was sourced.

The Receiving/Incoming column will reflect this adjustment, as well as the Current Inventory column.

Manual Adjustments - Adjustments

Adjustments should be used when the quantity is changed or verified to be different than the tracked amount. Perhaps a truck was filled with the wrong product, dumped, and then filled with the correct product before leaving the Yard, but no Inbound ticket is created to "return" the material.

  1. Search or select the product from the upper table.

  2. Click the [+New] button in the lower table.

  3. In the New Adjustment table, select Adjustment from the Entry Type drop down.

  4. Enter the Quantity and adjust the date as needed, and include Notes or Reference information if necessary.

    This adjustment is now reflected in the table in the Adjustments and Current Inventory columns.

If a Set Quantity, Adjustment, or Receiving action is made in error, selecting the [✖ Delete] button on the far right of the table will allow you to remove the record. You will be prompted to confirm as a caution.

The previous action will be removed from the lower table.

Tracking Inventory

Fast-Weigh will automatically track any ticketed Inbound and Outbound orders for these products.

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