Product Pricing

Using Pricing Templates

When setting up pricing for your products, it is best practice to assign prices to templates created under the Product & Pricing - Product Setup tab. This menu acts as a list of the available pricing templates, while the actual pricing will be set on the previous tab, Product Pricing.

Setting the associated price to each template will allow for any order with this template to automatically set the price for your products. After adjusting the template when creating the order, any product available at the Location and Yard using this template will have this pricing applied.

Updated Pricing

Once a product has been added and the associated adjustments and charges have been applied, updating that price can be achieved by clicking the [Update Products] button above the products list. This can be done used to update all products or specific products. If no Location and/or Product are selected, all products will be changed to the edited values.

Applying Discounts (Using Order Product Pricing)

There are a few methods available in Fast-Weigh for applying discounts for customers. One of these methods can be applied via Order Product Pricing on existing orders, by creating duplicate products with Active and Inactive dates. In the image below, one product has been entered with the Standard Pricing, and another with a March Discount. The Standard Pricing is active from the time of order creation

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