Using the Ticket Query

Finding and Editing Tickets in Fast-Weigh

The Ticket Query is essentially a search engine for looking up tickets. To view the ticket query navigate to Tickets > Ticket Query.

The Parameters found at the top of the screen allow you to filter down ticket data

By default, the Ticket Query will load with today's date entered in the Date Fields.

Click the Query button to search for tickets:

The Gird View on the lower half of the screen will list the tickets found in the query:

Clicking the Edit button allows you to modify the ticket:

If you make an edit, the system will require you to leave a revision note.

Tickets that have been invoiced cannot be edited. You will need to remove them from the invoice before making any changes.

If a ticket is voided you will not see it in your query unless the Voids Check Box has been checked:

You can export Archived PDFs or the current query to Excel by using the respective buttons:

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