Freight Matrix

Freight Matrix

The Fast-Weigh Freight Matrix allows for freight and hauler pricing to be set across Fast-Weigh without the need to individually set these across your orders, and will calculate based on any matching criteria between orders, such as the Region, Location, and even the Product Category. A Freight Matrix can be created when selecting the Resources>Freight Matrix menu and then clicking the [+New Freight Matix] button.

  • Description: The "title" of the Freight Matrix for easy identification in the main table.

  • Region: The specified Region for the Freight Matrix.

  • Location: The specified Location for the Freight Matrix.

  • Yard: The specified Yard for the Freight Matrix.

  • Ship To: The specified delivery address created in the Ship To menu.

  • Hauler: The specified Hauler for the Freight Matrix.

  • Hauler Type: The specified Hauler Type (Set on the Hauler - External, Internal, or Other)

  • Truck: The specified Truck for the Freight Matrix.

  • Truck Type: The specified Truck Type for the Freight Matrix.

  • Product: The specified Product for the Freight Matrix.

  • Category: The specified Product Category for the Freight Matrix.

  • From Date: The date that the Freight Matrix will begin.

  • To Date: The date that the Freight Matrix will end.

  • Priority: The priority of the Freight Matrix (The lower the number, the higher the priority).

  • Freight Rate: The specified Freight Rate for the Freight Matrix.

  • Hauler Rate: The specified Hauler Rate for the Freight Matrix.

Each of these options has a point value assigned, which is calculated by Fast-Weigh before being applied. These options are considered between three different areas of Fast-Weigh to find different values in an "If/Then" process.

  1. Order Level: This is set on the order when creating or editing an Order and selecting the Freight Pricing.

  2. Global Level: This is set within the Resources>Billing>Freight Matrix menu.

  3. Order Product Level: This is the rate set on the order product.

Fast-Weigh references these areas to determine which pricing option to follow between the Order and Freight Matrix (if available and selected).

For example:

  • A Freight Matrix is created for Customer A and Product A and a Freight Rate is set to $15 and Hauler Rate is set to $10, along with a Ship To of Building 100-A

  • An Order for Customer A and Product A is created and Freight Matrix is selected for the Freight Pricing option.

  • The Freight Charge is set to $10 and the Hauler Pay Rate is set to $7 on the Product.

Between the Order and the Freight Matrix only the Customer and Product match the existing Freight Matrix. Fast-Weigh will determine which option to follow based on the matching point values, and apply to appropriate pricing.

Ship To

The Ship To menu allows you to enter common or frequent delivery addresses

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