Creating a New Product

Your Products will be the material selected when ticketing. You can create an unlimited number of Products and assign them to your Locations and Orders, as needed.

How to Create Products

  1. Navigate to "Resources" > "Products" > "Products & Pricing"

  2. Navigate to the Product Setup

  3. Click the [+New Product] button

  4. The minimum required fields to add a new product are Product ID, Description and Unit

  1. Click [✓Update]

Assigning Products to a Location

After a product has been created, it will need to be assigned to a location. This will be where you will be ticketing the Products.

  1. Select the product you just created and click the [+Add Location] button in the middle tab

  2. The minimum required fields are Region, Location, and Yard

The product must be added to the location it is being ticketed out of. Mutiple locations can be added to the same product and vice versa

  1. Click [✓Update]

Once the Product Location is set up, make sure to set up default pricing for the product

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