Cash Type

Cash types are considered a payment type of Cash, Check, or Credit Card. Follow the steps outlined below to make an edit to these invoices.

Clearing a Cash Type invoice will not allow you to make edits to the tickets on the invoice, please follow the steps below to ensure you can make edits to your invoice.

Pay type is set on the New Orders:

  1. Navigate to Billing/AR > Billing or Billing if you do not use our AR module:

  1. Navigate to Billing History:

  1. Search for the invoice using the Invoice # search box:

  1. Expand the batch by clicking the arrow to the left of the Region:

  1. Click the [Actions] button on the invoice row to bring up the following:

  1. Click [Credit/Rebill]

  1. Check the box and click [OK] and you're done!

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