The Requests page displays related information when using the Dispatch module.

Page Overview

Columns and Filter

The Requests tab provides information on pick up or delivery requests made using the Dispatching module. These requests are defaulted to display based on Order #, but can be refined through selecting information from the drop down menus, searching order information or sorting the column titles. The information contained in the columns are:

  • Order #: The associated order number for the request.

  • Customer: The customer associated with the order.

  • Product: The product selected.

  • Request Info: Manual input information for easy identification of the request.

  • Ref #: Manual input of numerical identification.

  • Requested: Requested volume or load quantity of product.

  • Fulfilled: The amount of units or loads delivered.

  • Remaining: The amount of units or loads remaining to be delivered.

  • Haulers: The amount of haulers currently assigned to complete this request.

  • Status: The status or the request, either Open, On Hold, Pending, or Closed.

Viewing Request Details

To view the request details in the Fast-Weigh app, simply click on the order listed which will provide additional information related to the order requested.

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