Truck Bulk Edit

Detailed information regarding the Truck Bulk Edit tab of the Trucks module

Here you are able to make bulk edits to the License Expiration, Insurance Expiration, Status, and any UDFs you have set up for trucks.

The Bulk Edit screen defaults the presented trucks to those that have an Active status, and defaults to showing All haulers. You may change these to view trucks you have set to Inactive, or you can narrow down the results by selecting a specific Hauler's trucks to be returned in the table.

As an example I have set the Hauler to our Quarry's Loading Hauler, as the two trucks under that hauler have hit their expirations.

We will be updating the License and Insurance Expirations, as well as changing the UDF "Test" value. Utilizing the calendar dropdown you are able to set the new dates, and if you are using any UDFs you may enter an appropriate value for your company's needs.

Once you have updated the relevant information simply click the "Save" button.

WARNING - Any edit made in the Bulk Edit screen must apply to ALL selected trucks. If the trucks will have different expiration dates you must update these individually.

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