The Trucks menu allows you to add and manage trucks and haulers within the app. This information is synced with the trucks, haulers, and assignments entered in the Web Portal.

On the right hand side of the screen is the Truck Menu and Tare History screen.


The tare menu allows you to enter a TARE for a truck outside of ticketing. This can be useful after setting up a truck to get an accurate empty weight. The first text field allows you to select a truck, or you can search for one by clicking the magnifying glass, which will populate the list to the right. Then, you can enter the TARE WEIGHT in the field below. The section below these text fields provides info on the selected truck. This info can be found and adjusted in the EDIT TRUCK menu in the app, or on the Haulers and Trucks submenus.

Assign Order

Assigning a truck to an order simplifies the ticketing process for trucks or haulers that only fill one product from an order. After selecting the truck and entering an accurate tare, you can select the desired CUSTOMER, ORDER, and PRODUCT then click [SAVE]. The TRUCK INFO is provided below the product selection for review, which is helpful for haul companies that have multiple Truck IDs used by your organization.

Add Truck

Adding a truck can be done within the ticketing app, though you may need to add a Hauler first, which can be reviewed in the lower section of this article. This sections contains the same entry fields as the order assignment screen, but allows you to enter the information associated with the truck and driver, including the TRUCK TYPE and contact information.

Edit Truck

Editing truck information can be done after a truck has been added. This menu is identical to the Add Truck screen, but you will select a truck that has been previously entered from the right menu. This is typically done when a truck needs to be entered to complete a ticket and revisited after they have left the scale house.

Add Hauler

Adding a Hauler is necessary to associate a truck. This can be an individual or a company, but this record must exist prior to adding a truck. There are only two required fields, the Hauler ID and Hauler Name, while the following Hauler Details fields are optional.

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