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  • Column Types and Filters

There are three key areas within the User Admin page: +New User, Edit User, and Delete.

In the above image, we have a created user selected. At a glance, the information provided to us is as follows:

  • User ID: The username we have provided to the user, either by their request, or a predetermined username that matches our organization.

  • Email Address: The contact email provided to submit for password resets.

  • Full Name: The users full name.

  • Role: Their selected Role and permissions within the Web Portal

  • Restrictions: Any abilities that they do not have available to them within the Web Portal.

  • Last Login: The most recent active time within the Web portal.

After creating our users and selecting their roles, we also have the option to search based on any of these identifiers by selecting the filter icon on the header columns.

You may have common names within your organization. In the example image above, we have multiple User IDs for BJ, but we can narrow that down if we only have a portion of the User ID, their Role, or Name by using the filter.

Adding a New User

To add a new user, click the icon for "+New User" to begin.

You will enter the users information in the fields above. For New Users, you can set their password before and allow them to change it later, or submit an email to allow them to enter it on their initial login. The Mobile POD option will be selected if the user needs the ability to utilizt the Mobile Proof of Delivery module.

You can view the below image in the Web Portal by hovering over the question mark icon to the right of the Password field.

After, you will select the users Role, which can also be viewed when hovering over the question mark icon. You can view our full breakdown in our Roles and Responsibilities article.

Editing an Existing User

If a user does not have the correct permissions, needs their password reset, or other information needs to be changed, you can edit the user after highlighting them in the table then clicking Edit.

The edit screen is similar to the New User screen with the addition of a Send Reset Email option. This allows us to manually request a password change from the user, sent the the attached email address. Adjusting the role will provide a few different options based on the selection, providing Admins with a few additional tools to manage their users.

The Delete key will remove the User from the list, and you will be prompted to confirm this action. If you accidently remove a user, you will have to reenter their information as if they were a New User.

Exporting the User List

If you would like a back up of your current user list, you can export it to an Excel format.

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