Invoice / Payment Query

With the Fast-Weigh Invoice and Payments module, you can handle invoice payments directly through the Fast-Weigh Web Portal via Cash, Credit, or ACH. Streamline your material sales and payment collection process. Fast-Weigh AR & Payments offers low-cost processing rates with no hidden fees and allows you to deposit funds in the bank of your choice.


From the Invoices tab, you can review all of your Open, Settled, or Credited Invoices. If you wish to close an Invoice without payment, you can Settle the Invoice. Once an Invoice has been settled, you will have the option to re-open it from this screen. You also have the ability to post adjustments to your invoices prior to accepting payments for discounts or any missed fees that may not have been applied. These adjustments are made in the Invoice Adjustment Types menu.

The invoices page contains all invoices between the entered dates. This may result in multiple entries for the same customer. Clicking the arrow next to the customers name will expand this menu, allowing you to view the tickets contained in the invoices and their totals.

The two furthest right columns allow for a review of an invoice or adjustment an invoice. When clicking to view an invoice, you will be prompted to select a report type. If you have more than one report type, you will need to select the correct version.

Invoice Statues

When selecting an invoice status, you will have the option of selecting from three different types: Open, Closed, and Settled.


The Payments menu allows you to review payments made on your invoices or issue refunds.

Similar to the Invoices screen, the information presented can result in multiple entries for the same customer, and clicking the arrow to the left of the customer will display the payment information. Instead of viewing the tickets associated with the invoices, you will see the total value of the invoices and the batch name.

Receipt and Refund

Similar to the Invoice screen, the furthest two columns on the right contain the options to review or refund the payments made. If a payment is made, the Receipt button will provide a .pdf including the payment details present on the main table.

A Refund can be issued on any payment, but you must select a method in which it is issued.

Original Payment Method: Returns the payment to the origin source for credit cards or ACH payments. Cash and check payments

Apply to Customer Credit: Refunds the payment total to the selected customers account as an available credit.

Refunds cannot be undone, so it is best to review all information prior to issuing one.

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