Security and Administration

User Accounts

Web Portal Admin Accounts

It is best practice to assign at least two users to have Admin permissions. Having at least one alternate admin available for password changes or account locks and unlocks as well as pricing adjustments and updates, is beneficial should the primary admin account become compromised or if the user is unavailable.

Scale App (Legacy)

In the Fast-Weigh Desktop Ticketing application, locking the settings can prevent unwanted and/or accidental changes from users and drivers at your locations. This can be done through the Settings menu, just below the ID and PIN fields. Once enabled, users will be prompted to enter the location PIN to access the Settings menu.

Scale App (New)

In the new scale app, the server settings menu is determined by the user roles and permissions in the Web Portal. Appropriately setting user roles will avoid accidental changes to the server settings within the new app.

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