Customer Credit

The Customer Credit section allows you to apply credits or debits from your customer accounts. These could be manual adjustments for applying a "good customer" credit, an over payment on an invoice, or deductions for various fees.

When selecting a customer, you will need to click the search icon and select the customer from the list, or enter their customer information in the new window.

Then, you will apply the credit or debit by clicking the [+New Transaction] button.

In the new window you will select between the transaction date and type, then apply the amount and a description of the transaction as a reference. A transaction date can be selected for a future date if you wish for the credit to be available at a later time.

After the transaction has been saved by clicking [✓Update], it will reflect those transaction details in the main table, including the date, type, description, amount, the created date, and the user who initiated the transaction. This information can also be referenced through our reporting tool under the Accounts Receivable category.

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