Bulk Updating Open Order Pricing

Once your current pricing templates have been updated with the new pricing, you can use the powerful Open Order Price Update tool to do a price update on all open orders across the board.

Updating pricing through the Open Order Update Tool will also update ALL unbilled tickets for the Orders that are affected. If you wish to preserve any prices for current tickets, make sure to batch tickets through the Billing module. Due to the extensive changes applied by this tool and the potential for error if used without caution, this tool is reserved for Admin user accounts only. This tool is used to enact mass, system-wide updates. This cannot be undone! Use with care! We highly recommend using the "Price Update Review" report under the Orders category to review the pricing and orders that will be affected by a mass price update.

Before Updating

  1. Navigate to "Reports" > "Reports - New Tab"

  1. Review your new Pricing Template Defaults using the Price Update Review report under the Orders category of the Reporting page to make sure everything is correct.

  1. Update any Prices in the Product Pricing table, if needed.

  2. Navigate to "Resources" > "Products & Pricing"

  1. Click the Open Order Price Update button on the top-right of the Product Pricing table

  1. Set the Region and Location where you want your open order product pricing updated, or update All Locations

  2. Set a Customer if you want the update to only affect open orders attached to that customer

If you do not choose a customer, the changes will apply across all customers

  1. Check the boxes for the information you want to update from the temples to the Order-Products

  • Update Pricing: Updates the Material Rate on the Order-Products from the Pricing column

  • Update Surcharges: Updates the Surcharge Rate and type on the Order-Products from the "More" pricing pop-up

  • Update Adjustments: Updates the Adjustments on the Order-Products from the "More" pricing pop-up

  • Click [✓Update] to run the Open Order Price Update tool for all Active and Inactive Orders marked as Open that match your set criteria.

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