Status Update

Detailed information regarding Status Update tab

Here you are able to mass select orders to quickly change many order's status to inactive or closed. Typically used for old orders, and you are able to filter down by setting a Last Haul Date, Region, and Customer.

  • Last Haul: Will query orders that have not been ticketed for within the given time

  • Region: Narrows down search to only include set region

  • Customer: Narrows down search to only include set customer

  • Include Open Orders: Check this to include orders that are set as open to price updates

  • Set Selected To: Update the order to be inactive or closed

Once you have set parameters and clicked Refresh, the table will populate with orders you can change the status for. If you click the arrow on the left of the table it will expand the order to show details regarding the product(s) on the order.

Once you have selected all of the orders you wish to change the status of you can click the Save button in the top right.

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