Detailed information regarding the Inventory tab of the Inventory module.

Here you are able to filter down which products you are tracking inventory for by setting a Region, Location, and a Through Date.

Once you have established which parameters you would like to filter by the associated products will populate in the table below. You can select one of the products on the first table, and this will populate the Set/Adjust/Receive and Tickets table at the bottom of the screen.

In the Set/Adjust/Receive table you are able to create entries for your inventory. These entries are, just as the name of the tab implies:

  • Set: You can set your starting inventory with this

  • Adjust: Used to adjust inventory - Use positive values to increase inventory and use negative values to decrease inventory

  • Receiving: Used to account for receiving inventory if you are not utilizing inbound ticketing

You can set the Date, Reference, Quantity, and add a Note. Use the reference for your internal record keeping, and a note can be any useful additional information.

The Quantity is based on the units of your product (Yard or Ton).

Must Set inventory for tracking to begin, and inventory will be adjusted automatically when ticketing on inbound or outbound orders.

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