Hauler Pay

Truck Adjusments

This area allows you to add or deduct from the Hauler Pay based on preset values entered during Setup. You would typically use this for any rate changes or unforeseen costs that a Hauler might encur during delivery such as toll roads.


Similar the Billing - New Payment screen, this allows you to generate a new Hauler Payment, review previous payments, or batch and invoice tickets.


Table of Contents

  • Truck Adjustments

  • Statements

  • Setup

Truck Adjustments

Adjustments can be made to hauler pay rates after creating the type of adjustment during Setup. These adjustments can be created for various reasons, such as extra miles or minutes driven, or unforseen costs related to toll roads.


The Hauler Pay module allows you to organize groups of tickets into batches for invoicing a Hauler, much like the Invoicing module, based on Haul Rates set for orders.


Setup allows you to create or edit Hauler Pay adjusments as additional costs or deductions.

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