Quotes will allow you to manage a majority of the information for your quotes. You can set filter parameters, Status, Region, Location, and Project(will detail later in this article), at the top of the screen to see specific quotes of interest. There is also a Search function at the top of the table.

You have the ability to create new quotes by utilizing the + New Quote button. Here you will fill out all the relative information for the quote. This screen is similar to creating a new order, and will also create a quote number that is automatically applied once the quote has been saved. The create a quote, the following will need to be entered on this screen:

  • Project (If you have any created)

  • Description

  • Status (Defaults to Pending but may be changed if needed)

  • Quote information (Region, Customer, Direction, etc.) similar to an Order

  • Assign Salesperson

  • Enter Delivery Info/Address if necessary

  • Set a Pricing Template

  • Set estimated Award and Start Date (optional)

  • Set Creation and Expiration Date

  • Save

Once you have saved you will see the quote number in the top left, and you will be able to add products by clicking either + Add Multiple Products or + Add Single Product depending on the quote. When adding products you will need to fill out the following:

  • Location

  • Yard

  • Product

  • Hauler (If you would like to restrict ticketing to a single hauler)

  • Pricing Description

  • Tax Group and Tax Code

  • Unit Price (Will default to unit price of product but can be changed)

  • Freight Charge Rate

  • Hauler Pay Rate

  • Surcharge

  • Adjustments (If you have any)

  • Order Quantity and Quantity Type

You may also want to add more specific Active and Expiration Dates which you can do while adding the product(s), as well as a Delivery Date. Once you have entered all relevant information you can hit Update.

You have the ability to add any necessary Notes and Documents by clicking on the Notes and Documents tab. You can click into the field under Notes to add a note, and to add any documents you just have to click + New Document and upload the relevant document.

Lastly, you can add Contacts by clicking on the Distribution tab and adding the relevant contacts. There you can add the contact information and preferred delivery methods. Once you have added a contact click Save and you'll be able to click Send to send the contact the quote.

You can also click the Copy Quote button while having an existing quote highlighted and begin creating another quote this way.

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