How to Import Tickets

The Ticket Import screen allows you to build an interface with files from a ticketing system used previously, or with an outside company’s ticketing data that needs to be recorded.

Setting up your Import

  1. Navigate to "Settings" > "Import Format"

  1. Click on [+ New Format]

  1. The minimum required fields are the Format Name and all fields with a "0"

  1. Match your fields to the corresponding number of the column in your export with the column containing that information on your CSV

Numbers will replace the letter of the column in your export: A = 1, B = 2, C = 3, D = 4, etc.

"Header Row" is checked because the CSV in the above example does have a header row, this can be left unchecked if your columns do not have headers.

  1. Click [✓Update]

Importing Ticket Data

  1. Navigate to "Tickets" > "Ticket Import"

  1. Select the ticket import Format, Import File (CSV), Region, Location and Yard

Overwrite Date: Will overwrite all dates on tickets being imported Overwrite Hauler: Will overwrite all haulers on tickets being imported Add New Trucks: Will add trucks on tickets being imported, if they are not in Fast-Weigh

  1. Click [Upload]

  1. Go over the import and the CSV to correct any errors if present

Errors are shown in the right most column. This error is stating that the order being applied is not valid

  1. Once all errors are cleared, the tickets will have green check marks next to them

  1. Click the [Save] button

  1. The tickets should now be imported and viewable from the Ticket Query

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