Scheduled Reports

Scheduled Reporting allows you to automatically generate and deliver a variety of reports for internal staff, customers, and haulers at intervals you set. Scheduled Reports can be sent to any valid email address, not just portal users.

  • To get started, navigate to Reporting > Scheduled Reports

  • Click on the [+Add Report] button to create a new Scheduled Report.

In the new window, you will be able to select the report type, interval, and the recipients.

  • Report Type: Select from the standard list of reports or a custom report.

  • Category: Select for Internal, Hauler, or Customer facing reports.

    • Internal: Shows reports that are commonly used to track internal operations

    • Hauler: Shows reports that would be useful to send to your haulers.

    • Customer: Shows reports with information useful to your customers.

  • Report: The report that will be run. Please review a list of our default reports available with the report scheduler.

  • Scheduled: The time period this report should run between Daily, Weekly, or Monthly.

  • Hour: The hour the report will be generated.

  • Timezone: The desired timezone. If your organization operates between time zones, running a report before the last close of business will not include that location until the next scheduled time.

  • Date Range: The date range the report will reference.

  • Customer/Hauler: This is where you set which Customer or Hauler information the report shows (these options will only appear if you set the Category to Customer or Hauler).

  • Output Format: The format the report will display when generated between .PDF or Excel.

  • Email Addresses: The end user email addresses that will receive these reports. This is not exclusive to your portal users, so emails outside of your organization can be entered here.

  • Preview: This will provide a preview of the report to be sent when it is created, allowing you to determine if the selected values or report provides the information needed. Scheduled reports will appear in the table on the when clicking into the Scheduled Reports tab once they are created, and can be edited, deleted, or run at any time.

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