Creating Hauler Statements

Under the New Payment tab , you can query tickets by a number of different search parameters and produce filtered groups of tickets to assign to a custom batch.

Typically, this would be done on a daily or weekly basis to correspond with your organization’s customer billing cycle.

Navigate to Statements > New Payment.

Query Tickets for New Payment

  • Set the parameters at the top to view the orders and tickets you want grouped into a Batch to be added to a new Hauler Pay Statement

  • For each Order, you can click on the arrow on the left of the table to drill into specific Trucks and view individual Tickets and Adjustments .

    • You should verify the data and make any changes as needed. The Edit button at the right of the table allows you to edit Tickets directly from the New Payment screen.

    • Be advised that any changes made to Haul Rates here will also be updated on the corresponding Order.

Batching Tickets

  • Once the Tickets in the New Payment query have been verified, assign them a Batch Number via the field at the top right of the table.

    • Generally, this Batch Number will be in a date or Region + date format. This field is limited to 10 characters.

    • For example : A batch created for a region named “West” on 10/15/2016 could be batched as W-101516.

  • Set the Invoice and GL (General Ledge) Date (if needed) for the Batch

    • The GL Date is only needed if your accounting system supports secondary Invoicing dates.

  • Statement Numbers are assigned automatically and sequentially to each Hauler within the Batch

  • Click Assign to create the Invoice Batch.

Payment History

Once a Batch has been created, the tickets will be removed from the New Payment tab and placed inside a Batch in the Payment History section.

On the Payment History screen, use the parameters on the top to view individual Batches or look at everything from a specific date range to Export them or send them directly to the Hauler.

  • Export: This method allows you to export a .CSV file of statements that can be customized and imported directly to your accounting system

  • Clear: Use this if you need to clear the batch so you can make changes and re-batch under the New Payment tab.

  • Print: Allows you to print a PDF copy of a selected Batch.

  • Email: You can email statements directly to Haulers.

Before using this feature, you will need to go to Trucks > Haulers and edit the Hauler to add their Contact Email to their Hauler profile.

You may also clear, print, or email individual statements within a batch by clicking the small arrow to the left of the batch row.

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