Running Reports

The Reports tab features our powerful built-in reporting tool. Here, you can run valuable production reports based upon many different criteria. All reports can be exported to Excel, PDF, or CSV for further analysis.

Our reports are broken into a number of categories:

  • Tickets: View production totals in detail or summary. These reports can be very valuable for reconciling ticket data.

  • Orders: Run order listings and reports associated with orders

  • Trucks: Review tickets associated with trucks and truck production

  • Billing: Produce invoices, batch summaries, and customer sales summaries.

  • Resources: Run listings for the company’s defined resources (Customers, Products, Terms and Tax Codes, etc.).

  • Production: View your Ticket and Order information without price breakdowns.

  • Audit: View changes to your tickets, orders, quotes, batches, and invoices

  • Custom: Any reports created or customized specifically for your company can be found here. Please contact us for any custom reporting requests.

Running Reports

NOTE: This page will open in a new browser tab. You can get back to the Web Portal by clicking on the previous tab/window. Here's a quick video.

  • Choose a category from the drop-down menu.

  • Next, choose a report style from the second drop-down menu and load in the report.

NOTE: Multiple reports have been consolidated and/or rebuilt to improve your overall reporting experience. Please reference this report update list if you do not see your normal report.

Once your desired category and report have been selected, clicking the [Load] button will prepare the report and allow a selection of parameters.

  • On the right of the report viewer is a list of parameters you can apply to your report.

    • Fill in all the filter parameters.

      • For some parameters, you can select multiple options.

      • You can alter the way your report groups information with the Group by parameter.

      • You can also alter how some reports display information with the Show by parameter.

  • When finished, click [Refresh] button at the top of the parameters list. Your report will load in the report viewer. Be sure to utilize the Reports Tool Bar at the top of the viewer for options to print, export, change parameters, and more!

Reports Tool Bar

The reports tool allows easy navigation, print, export and visibility options.

  • Navigate Forward/Backward: Allows you to revisit a previous report run during the same session.

  • Stop Rendering: Stops loading the report.

  • Refresh: Refreshes the report.

  • Page Selections: For larger, multi page reports, page selection allows you to click to view the next or previous page, or jump from beginning to end.

  • Print Preview: Presents the page as prepared to print.

  • Export: Allows an export of the report data as a .PDF, .CSV, or Rich Text. These are the most common export types, however, Excel 97-2003, TIFF, and Web Archive types are also available.

  • Print: Launches your default print window to print the report.

  • Send as Email: Send the report directly to email addresses. This will open a new window and allow the selection of the file type to be sent.

  • Document Map: Creates a bookmarked table of contents to revisit areas of reports.

  • Toggle Parameters: Toggles the parameters panel from shown to hidden, or hidden to shown.

  • Zoom: Applies automatic zoom percentages to assist with visibility.

  • Toggle Page Size: Adjusts the page between 50%, 75%, and 100%. Double-clicking the report achieves the same effect.

  • Search: Opens a search menu to assist with identifying information.

For larger reports, the search feature is the most beneficial, allowing more granular control over the information presented and easy identification of content. The text entered in the search box will display on the report as a highlighted line. The results box will also display each instance where this text appears. Clicking any result listings will jump the selection highlight to that line.

Reports Parameter Menu

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