Haul Zones

Detailed information about the Haul Zones tab.

Here you are able to create variable custom freight and hauling rates to be assigned at the ticketing level.

Haul Zones must be enabled in Portal Settings to be utilized. Once Haul Zones has been enable you will see the Haul Zones option in Orders dropdown menu.

Setting up Haul Zones

You must first select Region and a Location to create your haul zone. Haul Zones are tied to Locations. Once you have done this you can click + New Haul Zone and fill out the following:

  • Name: Give your haul zone a name

  • Description: Provide a brief description about the haul zone

  • Freight Charge Rate: Amount customer pays for shipping of material, and can be set to per unit or load

  • Hauler Pay Rate: Amount owed to an external Hauler, and can be set to per unit or load

  • Active: Leave this box checked if you intend to use the haul zone

  • Update once you are done

Editing Haul Zones

Find the haul zone you would like to edit in the table and click Edit.

This will open a window identical to the New Haul Zone window where you can make changes to the selected haul zone.

Deleting Haul Zones

Find the haul zone you would like to delete in the table and click Delete.

You will only be able to delete Haul Zones that have not already been ticketed on.

See below error message when attempting to delete one of these Haul Zones.

Exporting Haul Zones

If you would like to get an Excel sheet for your records you can click Export to Excel to download an Excel sheet that looks like the below sheet.

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