Custom Reports

Though we offer a large number of default reports, ticket formats, invoice formats, quote formats, and hauler pay formats, we understand that some customers need highly customized reports to fit their operations.

To add a Custom Report, Ticket, or Quote to your Fast-Weigh subscription, contact us at 865-219-2980 or

Customized Reports

If your company needs to be able to view reporting information that cannot be generated using a default report, our reporting team can work with you to modify an existing report or create a brand new report to fit your needs. We can customize almost every aspect of our reports to make sure you get the information you need from your Fast-Weigh suite.

Additionally, we can modify or create reports to be used as Scheduled Reports. These work a bit differently than regular reports (since they do not use standard reporting parameters), so a custom report will require additional work by our team to copy over as a Scheduled Report.

Customized Tickets

We understand that your company may need scale tickets to reflect information specific to your business, so we offer the ability to use a customized ticket format. A customized scale ticket can be formatted to show additional information pulled from the Web Portal or hard-coded directly onto the ticket or to hide information that is not necessary for your business.

Customized Quotes/Invoices/Hauler Pay Statements

Our quotes, invoices, and hauler pay statements can also be completely customized. While our default formats display relevant information with a simple design, we can modify these formats to suit your needs. We are also able to make changes to the information that is shown on these reports, though we recommend keeping the costing information relatively close to the default formats.

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