Delivery Query

Detailed information on the Delivery Query tab of the Tickets module.

Delivery Query is part of our Proof of Delivery module. If you would like to add Proof of Delivery to your subscription contact us at 865-219-2980 or

Delivery Query and Map Results

Here you are able to view tickets that have been delivered or are currently still in transit.

You are able to filter by Region, Location, Date, Status, and Order # to narrow your search down.

To view tickets that are only a part of a POD order leave the POD Orders Only box checked. If you uncheck this box you will see tickets that are not a part of a POD order.

Each status is the following:

  • Not Received - The ticket is still in transit to the delivery location

  • Accepted - The ticket has reached the delivery location and has been accepted by the recipient

  • Rejected - The ticket has reached the delivery location and has been rejected by the recipient.

  • All - This will show all ticket statuses

If you hover over the Ticket # in the Map Results you will be able to see some details on the delivery:

You will see the ticket number, who it was received by, and the date and time.

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