Billing is a default module in Fast-Weigh. To expand your AR and Invoice features, please contact support at 865-219-2980 or


Billing allows you to batch tickets based on selected criteria to be invoiced or review your previous billings. You can adjust the Portal Settings to show a break on the invoice between different presets that can be selected when querying tickets. Billing History is also where the Credit/Rebill option is contained.

New Payment

Allows batching tickets across your customers, orders, locations, and dates. When creating a batch, it is best practice to list the Batch # as the date of the batch creation to reference easier.

Billing History

Allows you to review previous batches based on the date, batch number, or specific invoice. This area also allows you to begin the Credit/Rebill process.

Balance Dashboard

This section allows you to review pending payments and statements across your customers, and allows you to print physical copies or send emails to the associated customer contacts.

New Payment

Allows you to enter payments through the Web Portal for your customers balance based on the selected invoices and tickets.

Invoice / Payment Query

The Invoice / Payment Query functions similar to the Ticket Query. Having an invoice or Batch to reference will allow you to view the transactional data, apply adjustments, or update its status.

Payment Export

Similar to the New Payment batching, batching tickets and payments to export to your external AR software can be achieved in this section, which also allows you to review previous batches and their content.

Customer Credit

If your customer overpays, has a late payment, or requests a refund, this can be managed in the Customer Credit screen. Selecting the customer will display the amount owed, and will change based on the credit or debit option selected.

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