The Devices tab allows company administrators to manage ticketing devices in the field, including scale house PCs, mobile ticketing apps on tablets and smart phones, and unattended kiosks. Each device will be assigned an ID and PIN, and will be tied to a specific Locations.

Page Overview

  • Columns and Filters

The main Devices page allows you to view information about the deployed devices across your organization between the scale house, mobile devices, and unattended kiosks.

A device license can only be associated with one Location. If you are using Fast-Weigh on a scale house PC and an unattended kiosk, you will have two individual device licenses at one Location.

The licensed devices are separated above the columns on the main page by Scale House, Mobile, Proof of Delivery (POD), and Truck to easier manage between types of devices.

When reviewing your devices, the header columns provide a snapshot of the associated devices with the input information, and information Fast-Weigh creates, such as the App Version, Last Use Date, and the device OS Version.

  • Device ID: The name given to the device.

  • PIN: The PIN given to the device.

  • Region: The associated Region of the device.

  • Location: The location of the device within the Region.

  • Barcodes: The barcode type chosen for the device.

  • App Version: The version of Fast-Weigh currently running on this device.

  • Last Use Date: The last time the device was used.

  • OS Version: The Operating System version that the device Fast-Weigh is installed on is running.

  • Hardware: The type Operating System of the device Fast-Weigh is installed on.

  • Status: The status of the license for this device.

These can be filtered to search for a specific term by clicking the filter icon on the column. Clearing the filter will display all devices again.

New Device

When settings up a new device, you will click the above +New Device button on the Devices screen. There are +New Device buttons available across each tab, so please ensure you are creating the device under the correct device type.

In the new window, you will enter the device info and set the device to Active, then click Update. Please refer to the column list above for the entry fields shown in this window.


The configuration tab will show the saved configuration the Fast-Weigh application is using. This window does not allow edits to be made and only acts as a visual aid for the Fast-Weigh application settings. This is also device specific so it is best practice to periodically save the configuration in the event a device needs to be updated or replaced.

Configurations can be saved and loaded with the assistance of the Fast-Weigh Support team. Please contact us if you are unsure if setting changes have been made or if there seems to be an issue with the existing settings.

User Defined Fields

Although the column is unmarked, you can adjust the active UDFs used on this device after setting them up in the User Defined Fields menu. Clicking the Used box will activate the UDF on the associated device.

Editing and Deleting

If a device information needs to be adjusted or removed, clicking Edit and Delete will allow you to accomplish this change. Any edits made to the device will be applied when clicking Update. Deleting the device will prompt you to confirm this action.

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