Utilizing Microsoft Power BI, our Analytics module contains the most powerful reporting tool used by Fast-Weigh, providing you with organizational data pulled from each module enabled with your Fast-Weigh account.

Each module allows you to review a variety of metric data generated by your organization. Some of these useful reports include Quotes Won, Product Usage, and Orders by Customer.

Using Analytics, you have more control over the data requested and how this information is relayed using pre-built charts and graphs. Each Category has its own submenu at the base of the main window. This allows you to segregate the information by fixed parameters without needing to filter further. However, each menu does offer it's own filters, allowing more granular control over the requested information.

In the above image, we're using the Billing and Sales category, and have the Sales by Customer submenu selected. On the right section of this screen we have the option of filtering further to display information specific to this submenu. Each listing in the table to the left can also be collapsed to removing any unnecessary information.

Exporting from Analytics

Once you have your desired information available or narrowed down, you can export this various aspects of your data. Clicking the More Options will allow a handful of additional sorting features, as well as the option to Export.

Exporting between selections will vary. Some tables will be available as they are displayed, some as a summary, and others as the Underlying data. Exports can be made in both .csv and .xlsx file types.

If there is a specific section of data you with to export in a report, you can select "Show as a Table", which will isolate the information as a table and allow you to export only that information.

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