The Quotes Module is an additional feature that can be added to your Fast-Weigh subscription. If you would like to purchase the Quotes Module add-on contact us at 865-219-2980 or support@tacinsight.com

Here you are presented with three different graph views; Count, Amount, and Awarded by Salesperson. As well, there is a table view with two different tabs you can view; Salesperson and Customers.

The first chart, Count, presents a pie chart that breaks down what stage your quotes are in. The stages, Pending, Awarded, Bidding, Accepted, and Rejected/Expired will be broken into percentages on the chart, as well as having their numeric value listed to the left of the chart.

The second chart, Amount, is a breakdown of the cash value of each stage mentioned above. The chart will show a percentage of cash value for each stage, and to the left of the chart it will show each stage and their total cash value.

The last chart, Awarded by Salesperson, shows the number of quotes awarded on the Y-axis and the salesperson associated on the X-axis.

You are able to use the filter parameters at the top of the page to narrow down to a specific Region, Location, Product, and Salesperson. You can set specific date ranges using the date selectors, as well as using the MTD, YTD, and QTD buttons.

You can alternate between a Salesperson and a Customer view of the table at the bottom of the dashboard screen.

The first tab of the table view, Salesperson, lays out all of the stages of quotes per salesperson. Each stage column shows the number of quotes in that stage, as well as the cash amount for each stage. At the bottom of the table, it has the totals for each number of quotes and their cash amount.

The second tab of the table view, Customers, is similar to the Salesperson tab. The only difference is that this table lays out all of the stages of quotes per customer. This gives you the Customer ID and Name as well as the number of quotes and their cash amounts.

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