Detailed information on the Haulers tab within the Trucks module.

Typically a Hauler is going to be a carrier, trucking company, or customer that owns that trucks in which you will be ticketing. You can also think of Haulers as a folder that one or multiple trucks belong to.

Here you are able to create haulers, as well as edit, delete, and assign existing haulers.

You can create a new hauler by clicking the + New Hauler button in the top right of the hauler table. The following window will pop up:

Enable Dispatching requires the Dispatching module add-on to be used. If you are interested in adding the Dispatching module please contact us at 865-219-2980 or support@tacinsight.com.

The only required fields are the Hauler ID and Name. Below are brief descriptions of each of the fields:

  • Hauler ID - A shorthand ID for the Hauler

  • Name - Full name of the Hauler

  • Address - Fields for the Hauling Company's address.

  • Contact Information - Fields for the Hauling company's main contact

  • Vendor AP Num - Field to store Hauler's Vender AP number if one is to be used

  • Hauler Type - Field to differentiate Haulers as External, Internal, or Other

    • External - Outside company is hauling material

    • Internal - Your company is hauling the material

    • Other -

  • Insurance # - Field for Hauler's insurance policy number

  • (Insurance) Expiration - Set date for Hauler's insurance expiration

    • This applies to any truck within the Hauler

  • Workers Comp # -

  • (Workers Comp) Expiration - Set date for Workers Comp expiration

  • Certification # -

  • (Certification) Expiration - Set date for Certification expiration

  • Enable Dispatching - Allow trucks within the Hauler to be used for the Dispatching feature

  • All Regions - If checked, Hauler can be ticketed on in any region. If unchecked you are able to pick specific regions you would like the Hauler to be able to be ticketed on.

  • Active - If checked, Hauler is available to be ticketed on. If unchecked, Hauler will be unavailable and not populate in ticketing app.

  • Allow Overloaded Trucks - Future use in newest ticketing app

  • Use Tare on Inbound - Future use in newest ticketing app

  • Days Tare Valid - Future use in newest ticketing app

Once you have filled out the relevant fields you can click Update to add the Hauler.

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