Product Pricing

Product Pricing

Fast-Weigh Web Portal

Before you can add products to an order, they must have default pricing set up for the locations where those orders will be ticketed. 

Managing Product Pricing

Adding and Editing Product Pricing

The first step for setting up your Products & Pricing is to create the Products, Product Locations, and Pricing Templates. Please go to the Adding & Managing Products article if you have not done this yet. 
Once your Products and Templates are set up, the next step is to set the Default Product Pricing.

Remember: the default pricing set up on the Products screen is not completely inflexible. The final place where product pricing can be edited is at the Order level. Any pricing changes you make on the Order will override the default pricing you set up under Resources > Products.

  • Go to Resources > Products > Products & Pricing.
  • On the Product Pricing tab, enter in the filters for the Product Pricing you wish to set and click Refresh.

    • This will load in all of the Products that are available to add default pricing to for the set parameters.

  • To add or edit a default price, find the specific Product, Location, and Price Template in the list and then click on the pencil icon to edit it.
    • This will bring up a text box inside of the table where you can enter in the Current Price and a Proposed Price.

      • Note: The Proposed Price is an optional tool to "stage" a price change. You can enter in a new price before enacting a price update that can be applied to the Current Price in bulk later on.
      • Click on the Check Box to save the new Price.
  • Once a Price is set, you will then see a "More" Pencil Icon where you can add in additional default pricing.

  • Repeat this process for each product and Template that will be used for Ticketing.
    • Note: If you do not see a specific Product for a specific Location, make sure that the Product is set up for that Location under the Product Setup tab!
    • Note: Products will not be available for ticketing until the product is set for each of your locations and the product has been added to a template.

For Managing Proposed Pricing and Open Order Price Updates, please reference this article: Updating Product Prices with the Proposed Pricing and "Open Order Price Update" Tools

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