Devices: Managing Ticketing PCs and Mobile Devices

Devices: Managing Ticketing PCs and Mobile Devices

Fast-Weigh Web Portal

The devices tab allows company administrators to manage ticketing devices in the field, including scale house PCs, mobile ticketing apps on tablets and smart phones, and unattended kiosks. Each device will be assigned an ID and PIN, and will be tied to a specific Location.

Navigate to  Devices

View different types of devices via the tabs at the top of the table.


To add a new device, click the [+New Device] button

You will need a device license for each device that you use. Users can view the current number of active devices, as well as the license count for their subscription below the device table.

If you would like to add another device to your subscription, please contact us at or call 865-219-2980 during business hours.

Making Changes to Existing Devices

Click  Edit to make changes to a device ID, PIN, associated Region and Location, or Active/Inactive status.

If you have saved your configuration on the desktop ticketing app, you can view the backed-up configuration data from the Show button.

If you have set up any custom User-Defined Fields (UDFs), you can enable them by clicking the UDF button.
  • Check the Used box to enable this UDF on the device.
  • Set your Type as either Alpha (for letters and numbers) or Numeric (for numbers only).
  • Check Required to force the user to enter something in the field.
  • Check Validated and enter comma-separated (no spaces!) Values to create a drop-down menu with preset options.
  • Click Save when done

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