Ticket Import: Preparing your Import Format

Ticket Import: Preparing your Import Format

Fast-Weigh Web Portal

Before you can import external tickets into your Fast-Weigh Web Portal, you will first need to set up the format of your import. 

Setting up your Import:

  • Navigate to Settings > Import Format.
  • Click on [+ New Format] to begin building your Import Format.
  • Name the format.
    • Note: Try to use something related to the batch of tickets that need to be imported so you can easily tell which format you need later.
  • Set your format file type to either CSV or Fixed.
  • Select the Time Zone that the tickets were created in.
  • If you have a header to help organize the ticket data, check the Header Row box.
  • Set each column number to the corresponding column number in your import file.
    • Any field with a default "0" is required for the import.
    • If you are using a Fixed format, you will also need to set the Length.
  • Once you have set up all of the columns that you will be using, click on Update at the bottom.

Now that your import format is set up, you can begin your Ticket Import.




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