Creating & Managing Orders on the Scale App

Creating & Managing Orders on the Scale App

Fast-Weigh Desktop Ticketing Application

You can create and manage Orders directly from the Scale App, if you have the Order Add/Update setting turned on. All of the Orders created for your location can be viewed and updated, or you can quickly add a new Order while ticketing. 

To view your  Orders, click on the Orders icon on the left menu.

Adding New Orders

To create a new Order, click on the Add Order button on the top-right of the Orders screen. This will bring up a page similar to the Order Add/Edit page on the Web Portal.

  • To set up a new Order, you will need to set up the basic order information first.

    • Order Number - Automatically assigned by the system. This field cannot be filled or changed by the user.
    • Direction (Required) - Used for the scale house to determine if weighing inbound (e.g. dumping) or outbound (e.g. material sales).
    • Customer (Required) - Click on the search button to bring up your Customer List to add a Customer to the Order.
    • Description (Required) - Create a name, title, or other description of the Order here.
    • Order/Delivery Info - Custom Order/Delivery instructions which will be printed on every ticket.
    • Pay Type (Required) - Select the payment type for the Order:
      • Charge Show $ / Charge Hide $: Charged to an account with the dollar amount either shown or hidden on the ticket
      • Cash, Credit Card, or Check: All of these options display the dollar amount on the ticket.
    • PO Number - Customer-assigned purchase order number.
    • Job - You may enter a customer job number as a reference.
    • Certified - Check this box if this is a Certified Order.
    • Use Haul Zones - Selecting “Yes” for this field turns on Haul Zones for a particular order.
    • Open Order - Set this to YES if this order will be open to future Price Updates.
    • Click Save to save your changes and begin adding Products.

  • Click the Add Order Product button to bring up a Product search.

    • Yard - Use the search button to set the Yard where this Order Product will be accessible.
    • Product - Use the search button to select the Product.
      • The Unit Price, Freight Rate, Surcharge, and Hauler Rate will be automatically set, but can be edited if prices are shown.
    • Freight Type - Set freight type by load or unit.
    • Surcharge Type - Set surcharge type by load or unit.
    • Default Phase - If you have a third-party accounting system that uses accounting phases, the Default Phase field integrates directly with those phases.
    • Cost Type - Integrates directly with any cost types used in your third-party accounting system.
    • Tax Code - This will be automatically set, but can be changed with the search button.
    • Click Save to save your changes.
  • Repeat this to add all Products being sold on this Order.
  • After creating a new Order, make sure to Sync to the Web Portal.

Editing Orders

To make changes to an Order, click on the Edit button on the left of the Orders table. The Order Edit page is the same as the Order Creation page.

  • Make any changes to the Order or Order Products information and Save each change.
  • If you need to set an Order as Inactive, click on the Inactivate button on the Order table and confirm that you want to set the order as Inactive.
  • After editing an Order, make sure to Sync to the Web Portal.


You can view a list of Customers with Active Orders for your Location directly from the Scale App as well, but you cannot make any changes to Customers here. To edit Customers, please use the Web Portal.

To view your  Customer list, click on the Customer Icon on the left menu.

  • Search for Customers using the search bar at the top of the page.
  • View your Customer IDs, Customer Names, Contact Names, Contact Phone Numbers, Contact Emails, and Number Additional of Ticket Copies to Print.

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